The Red Hand of Doom

Chapter 13

Excerpted from "Auntie Grub - The Complete Fairy Tale Collection"

“And there was a thunderous shout as the armies trudged through the city streets. Our heroes, huddled around the church heard them long before they could see them.”

“And a terrible thing it was, too, for the second time that night, they stood with their backs to the wall – no retreat or escape possible. A line of hobbs that stretched to the city gates was forming, and through every nook and cranny, they began to squeeze.”

“With that, the Battle of Brindol came to a climactic end. Oh, but you little children are too young to hear of such nasty things. You are too young to appreciate the terror as Wyrmlord Kharn stepped through on the backs of a dozen and one giants, along with the Zug Brothers, a hundred or so terrible monks!”

“But our heroes, Valashinda, Siddartha, the returned Thar, Boots, Armenian, Doppy, and Diaz would not tremble in the face of fear. They took their enemy head on! And they smashed and crashed and crunched the bones of the hobgoblins by the -“

“Oh, I am so sorry, little childrens. You are much too young to hear of the giants dying as poison seeped into their veins, or Kharn’s flesh sloughing off in big chunks. You would be scared to death if I told you about the soldiers cowering before the tidal waves of soldiers. Why, if it weren’t for the will to fight and the good speeches, they would all be dead!”

“Ahem. Well, skipping past the scary parts for you little kiddies, the heroes won the day, but the brave Lars was injured. With his dying words, he made Valashinda promise that he would ‘Tell me about the fighting.”

“Yes, sad, but the battle was won. The Red Hand of Doom, with its leaders dead, quickly turned to the wilds, and became the disgusting creatures and nasties you see there today, and when little children misbehave, they take it as their cue to come back to town and finish the job. Rotten little hobgoblins.”b


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