The Red Hand of Doom

Chapter 8 Sidestory

Excerpted from clay tablets in an abandonded Temple of Yollanda

The following two excerpts were located in the late 18th century near modern-day Worchestershire.

”...but Ramos was growing old, and even the Eldest Dragons wanted to rest. And he would choose from his scions three; the noble Bahamut, his lover the kindly Tiamat, and the ambitious Darigaaz. One would be the next of the Ur-Dragon.

From them, Ramos saw in Darigaaz nothing but power, unbridled ambition, and destruction; he would leave Dragons in power, but naught else.

In Bahamut, he saw a world of law, good, and order; but that was not his way, and despite his good intentions, Bahamut was passed over.”

“And in Tiamat, Ramos saw the perfect successor. Tiamat was knowledgeable, wise, kindly, but most of all, passionate; she would keep creation in good hands.”

“But Bahamut, in his honor and pelf, was enraged. That a dragoness could recieve such an honor was one thing, but that she would be passed over for the noble Bahamut? It was inconceivable! And so Bahamut tricked Tiamat into signing away her position as the Ur-Dragon forever.”

“Tiamat was enraged, too; she went to war with Bahamut, and creation was singed in their fighting. Darigaaz was slain protecting his friend, Bahamut. The world burned.”

“In his last effort, Ramos rose from his seat of power to combat Tiamat. He took Darigaaz’s body, and threw it to the bottom of creation; there he formed the world below, a dark maze of catacombs and fire, mirorring Darigaaz’s soul.”

“Then he banished Tiamat from this world forever; never again could she come to the physical world of you and I.”

“And finally, he wordlessly stared at his favored son Bahamut. Ramos was ashamed at Bahamut’s actions; but his power was spent, his body battered and bruise; he was near death. And there would be no punishment for Bahamut.”

“Ramos bled, and there was fire.” “Ramos wept, and there were seas.” “Ramos touched, and there was life.” “Ramos smiled, and there was day.” “And Ramos fell, and there was night.”

“But all was not lost, for in his sacrafice for peace, Ramos became the physical world; the one which you and I walk on today.”

“But last was Bahamut; the remaining Eldest Dragon. He chose a life of solidarity rather than regality; promising he would never again set foot on land, he took to the skies. Never again would he meddle directly in the affairs of mortals, never again would he try to seize control. The Ur-Dragon was dead.”

“But Tiamat would not go so easily; she knew her former lover, Bahamut had destroyed the position of the Ur-Dragon as well as her chance for power. Her passion overtook her; and Tiamat vowed her revenge.”


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