The Red Hand of Doom

Chapter 9

Excerpted from the journal of King Llawan IV

(You know, I never got to start the campaign with the one line I wanted to use… “Once upon a time…”)

“The heroes were tired, and they were hurt. Their injures had taken a grave toll on them, and all they wanted to was rest. They would not be given such a luxury; there was too much at stake. The world watched with piercing eyes.”

“Four days later, it is said, the party finally arrived at Brindol. But poor Siddartha had been inflicted with the worst and the most atrocious diseases; the terrible status of undeath. Yet it was not a lifestyle he abhorred; no; in his rush to fix one mistake for another, he had gladly allowed the curse of undeath upon him.

Brindol was a city, similar to any other in Avalon. However, it held Hope, and it was a symbol for the Vale to rally behind. Long before the heroes had set foot withing sight of Bridol did they know that this was where the final battle would be fought.

But the final battle was not today; after fucking around in Brindol and meeting the Captain of the Guard, Lars Ulverth, Siddartha finally revelaed his ghoulish nature, feasting on the bodies of the fallen.

An elven woman had the happenstance to witness him; she was not granted the liberty to witness anything else.

(The next two pages seem to be stuck together with either blood or strawberry jam and are unreadable.)

”...did not falter or waver in their cause; despite the greed, bloodthirst, and madness that ran rife in the group, Boots McCabe and the rest of the party refused to falter, sending the gold along with their hopes and dreams.”

(The final page seems to have been torn out.)


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