The Red Hand of Doom

Of Mechnamagica and Marvelous Castles...

Boots fufills his destiny

“They say that there was no gnome more famous than Bristlecogg Fizzwangle, who invented the Automatic Doohickey and patented the Calibrated Sprinkling Whizzcog, but I say there was: my great-grand pappy, Boots McCabe.

Boots was a small-town salesman, going town to town with his wares when he was caught up in all that ‘Red Hand’ business. Before he could say ‘Underclock the steam pressure valve before its pascalization red-lines,’ he was a hero and Tiamat had been kept out of our world. Being the canny salesman he was, he parlayed this instant fame into a booming line of cleaning supplies, including ‘The Boots McCabe Patented Rust-Away,’ and conquered the market. Along with some canny investment with money owed to him (and reluctantly paid, I might add. What a tight-fisted old miser that Lady Khaal is!), he soon had the funds to pursue his lifelong dream.

Those who were rebuilding Drellin’s Ferry were the first to spot it, what looked like a full-sized castle mounted upon huge, iron spider legs, lumbering across the plain. Boot’s Marvelous Traveling Castle was a sight to behold, traveling the length and breadth of the land, baffling elves and confounding dwarves. Some claim that Boots walked his castle right off the map, and still wanders in it today, searching for new riches and new places to see. Others, like myself, feel the castle still exists today, though Boots has left it after a long lifetime to pursue another mechanical wonder. I believe he said something about a ship that could travel below the water…”

-From “Tinkers and Twizzwingers” by Ethor Wobblecogg, inventor of the MechnoOven™


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