The Red Hand of Doom

Rhest (Part 1)

“The weary party, having reached the town of Rhest, soon came in contact with the goblins occupying what was left of the town. Through skillful debating, Oliver Shakespeare convinced one of the goblin Warlords to organize an uprising, to overthrow High Lord Saarvith.

Having secured this manner of destroying another of the High Lords, the party had to conceal itself until the appointed time. Submerged within the water of the town, they bid their time, until the goblin revolutionary force left for the uprising. Following behind the force, they waited for the chance to strike.

When the revolutionary force struck the Town Hall, it was found well-defended, but no match for the combination of the goblins and well-equipped adventurers. Saarvith was nowhere to be seen, and with his force in shambles, the adventurers took this chance to rid the world of still another goblin Warlord. Thar was at the forefront of the battle, and was thus struck by the Pscionist’s mental twisting.

Thar suddenly turned upon her companions, slaying one and grievously wounding another, as well as a prisoner who had seized the opportunity to break free of the dungeon. When Thar broke free of the mind grasp, she turned her rage at that control into battle fury, and slew an Ettin that was attempting to escape. This fury continued with the slaying of the goblin Scionist, aided by the party’s mages, who bombarded him with fire and lightning. The Pscionist slain, the party then turned their attention to finding Saarvith and ending his miserable reign…”

From the annals of Torsin Brightstar, Ministrel to King Wulfric


I believe Thar is a he and Pscionist should just be Psion or Telepath, but otherwise well written. Good job.

Rhest (Part 1)
JetWong Bgottfried91

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