The Red Hand of Doom

Rhest (Part 1)

“The weary party, having reached the town of Rhest, soon came in contact with the goblins occupying what was left of the town. Through skillful debating, Oliver Shakespeare convinced one of the goblin Warlords to organize an uprising, to overthrow High Lord Saarvith.

Having secured this manner of destroying another of the High Lords, the party had to conceal itself until the appointed time. Submerged within the water of the town, they bid their time, until the goblin revolutionary force left for the uprising. Following behind the force, they waited for the chance to strike.

When the revolutionary force struck the Town Hall, it was found well-defended, but no match for the combination of the goblins and well-equipped adventurers. Saarvith was nowhere to be seen, and with his force in shambles, the adventurers took this chance to rid the world of still another goblin Warlord. Thar was at the forefront of the battle, and was thus struck by the Pscionist’s mental twisting.

Thar suddenly turned upon her companions, slaying one and grievously wounding another, as well as a prisoner who had seized the opportunity to break free of the dungeon. When Thar broke free of the mind grasp, she turned her rage at that control into battle fury, and slew an Ettin that was attempting to escape. This fury continued with the slaying of the goblin Scionist, aided by the party’s mages, who bombarded him with fire and lightning. The Pscionist slain, the party then turned their attention to finding Saarvith and ending his miserable reign…”

From the annals of Torsin Brightstar, Ministrel to King Wulfric

The Blackfens

I think that session went all right. I think that I end up trying a lot to run a depressing, somber mood in games; ooh, you’re out in a scary forest, or “ooh, you’re out in a scary swamp.”

My players know the mood I try to create with the music and substance; I want to know if it works or if it just brings the mood down.

Let’s see… well, the most important thing I wanted to convey about the elves is how different they are from Tolkien’s elves, the template for most Elvish fantasy racies. They need to emphasize their Fey origin.

One of the biggest problems in fitting in elves to the setting comes from when I was first getting insipired, reading through old stories and faerie tales; Brothers Grimm and older.

In said stories, Elf, Faerie, Spirit, Brownie, the list goes on… all of them are vague and ambiguous and have a habit of being used interchangably. Do I make all elves faeries, complete with vestigial wings? Do I give them hooves? In the end, I saw some cool pictures and went with those.

As for the Blackfens encounteres… I hope they weren’t too distracting.

My one regret is the Bridge Haunt encounter; I love the creature to death and didn’t do it justice. Really, I was just setting up for a side-quest that might occur back at Starsong Hill.

Finally, I’m sorry to see you guys didn’t enjoy the ‘planning’ phase. I’ll try and highlight options in the future. Or, better yet, ask the ancient automaton snake that seems to have served emperors when it comes to tactical advice. She’ll help you, but only if you ask.++

Marching to War

All right, I don’t feel like doing an in-character post right now; and I know that this is a very late adventure log, but nobody’s going to read it anyway, so who gives a cunt suck.

Last week, the party began by arriving back in town after dealing with the northwest Witchwood. Sadartha was exceptionally hostile to most of the town elders.

Town Speaker Norro Wiston and Captain of the Guard Soranna Anitah returned with… well, I don’t know _who _they came back with because I’m forgetful and nobody’s posted their characters yet.

Regardless, they came back with an elf, the only surviving member of the Hemlock hunting pack.

The other character introduced, Oliver Shakespeare, appears to be in Valashinda’s pocket after robbing and killing a priest.

After dicking around in town for two hours, the party finally moved on to the town hall meeting. After a lot of threatening and arguing, the town members and the party agreed to evacuate the town.

With the elf ranger joining the party and Oliver under Valashinda’s Wing, Thar the Hammer made the bold suggestion to move north, to Rhest, and investigate Wyrmlord Saarvith.

However, the party inexplicably chose the absolute most dangerous route without consulting any of the locals. The dangerous trek through the densest and swampiest part of the Witchwood. Their trek led them to run afoul of one of the many Spawn of Tiamat, a pair of Greenscale Razorfiends. It led to the death of Saddartha.

I know a few of you were wondering about the old man. Okay, let me put it to you straight; I was planning on using the old Welsh myth of hte Bridgekeeper and the respective monster entry; he’s an old man who sits on bridge and drowns people when they come near; they have a strong telekinetic power which they use to force you underwater or literally throw you through the air.

However, everyone decided simultaneously that the old man was a threat – and yes, you picked up on the mysterious circumstances… but regardless, everyone immediately drew swrods and prepared for a fight. There was, from that point on, no way to use the Bridgekeeper effectively.

Right about when I had the Razorfiends show up and let Valashinda get a free shot in was hte point that the old man ceased to be a ghost and started being a poor old man who lost a bunch of power. Sorry. I’m not sure what I was thinking.



Player Inovlvement

Just so you know, it would be a real treat to see other players / characters posting and editing this website.

Nemesis of Reason
Words describing it fail. Pages relating it shrivel. Tales recounting it end.

I don’t want to be the only one making posts, you guys! Feel free to chime in at any time you would like. I’m thinking maybe I’ll just do all the posts in-character as Julia. I dunno. I’m gonna give it a try.

I was located in the ruins of Vraath Keep, the former abode of Amery Vraath, two solar cycles and four tenths of a solar cycle ago.

Since then, I have been exposed to a variety of external stimuli; they will be recounted to the best of my ability.

The drastic revelation of the Red Hand horde was enough to register as a threat even for the Julian Empire, which no longer seems to be an active entity.

Shortly after the discovery of the horde, my new companions and I traveled to a local barbarian town; Drellin’s Ferry. The leadership of the town appears to be frantically attempting to reconcile the impending destruction of their town with their own beliefs.

In an attempt to slow down the invading Hobgoblin barbarians, my companions dispatched Old Warklegnaw, a forest giant of the Twistusk tribe. To my knowledge, Lord Mercurius Vellus had exterminated them over five hundred solar cycles ago.

In addition, they successfully destroyed a critical point of ingress for the Horde, the Skull Gorge Bridge, killing or driving off all guards and slaughtering Ozzyrandion, the dragon overlord.

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We began play yesterday. Things went all right.

To be honest, I was really hoping for a more serious game. i mean… I want to really have interesting, fun characters, and players who genuinely roleplay them.

Shaka, I’m mostly okay with your guy. He’s a bit silly for this game, but I’m not surprised. =P

Steve, I certainly hope your druid pans out.

Also, what the fuck was up with those names? I mean, I understand where they’re comin from, but I was hoping for something more…. European.

Kevin, you’re a bit quiet, but I mean – you were kind of rushed, too. I think that Diaz fits in best with the setting, and I’m fairly happy about him. I get the feeling that, in time, I’ll get the chance to have a spectacular sub-plot for Diaz.

Emily, I have no problems with your characters. You can play whatever you want. _ However, you just seemed to be so… frustrated by playing Thar. It’s important that you like the character you’re playing as.

And, I mean… playing yourself? XD I mean, uh, do whatever you want, so long as you’re happy with it.


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