Arbomander: A giant amphibian native to Avalon’s River Wanderwine (The Thames). Arbomanders have been known to grow as long as one hundred feet, though tales tell of examples five times that size.

Auntie: A male or female boggart of great age and experience who explains the meanings behind things or sensations that are particularly puzzling. They also resolve squabbles, organize raids, and recite tales of famous aunties of old at great boggart feasts. The greatest auntie of all is Auntie Grub, whose ancient tales still guide boggart behavior.

Cuffhound: Large canines employed by Elf hunters as trackers and attack dogs. Cuffhounds can follow a scent for hundreds of miles.

Seedbody: Also “seedcone.” All Treefolk begin life as a seedbody, but not all seedbodies become fully animated and sentient. Most become trees, albeit relatively intelligent trees with the potential to become aware and mobile.

Springjack: A large, horned lagomorph employed primarily by the Kithkin as mounts, beasts of burden, and a food source. It’s like a goat.


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