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The Rest of the World

-A brief description of the world outside Avalon

Setting Overview

-A description of Elsir Vale and its inhabitants


50,000,000 BC – Great Race of Yith inhabits Earthly bodies.

500 BC – Julian Republic’s golden era. Expands across the seas, wars with Givian forces, expands.

27 BC – Time of the Caesars. After the death of Gaius Publius Caesar at the hands of the senate, a ‘triumvirate’ of his close companions splits up the newly rechristened Julian Empire.

0 AD – Julius, capitol of the empire, is visited by singular deities, each representing aspects of a single overbeing of myth. What will one day be known as the Vactine church is formed.

212 AD – The Julian city of Rhest is founded in Avalon, free from the internal strife of the Empire.

476 AD – Sacked by Odoacer, Julius finally falls, ending the time of the Empire.

537 – Camelot is established to the southeast by Arthur, King of the Britons.

600 AD – The kingdom of Rhestilor reaches its golden age, with nobles and aristocrats spanning all of Elsir Vale.

699 AD – Rhestilor, and its capitol city, Rhest, is weakened by a pack of angry ghost lions, presumably sent by the Ghostlord. Entire families are wiped out, and the military is shattered.

700 AD – Bugbear and hobgoblin tribes from the Wyrmsmoke Mountains invade and sack Rhest. Belaguered defenders opt to open the floogates holding back the Blackfens, submerging the city and drowning the goblinoid invaders.

892 AD – Current Day.


-The Glossary contains a number of terms. I get the feeling you won’t look at them all, but I mean… feel free regardless. Oh, and feel free to add your own.


-Though by no means comprehensive, the bestiary contains information on some of the new creatures in Avalon.


-The vain, insular, and obsessive elves of Avalon are a far cry from many other fantasy elves.


-Mischevious creatures, thieves, hoodlums, and ‘messing with your shit’ makers galore, Boggarts fill the role that traditional Goblins and other races fill in Avalon.

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